Turbo Fitness in FIBO Cologne 2018

A step closer to European core market

FIBO, the largest B2B fitness trade show, is held in Cologne Germany every year. FIBO is the most business-centric and commercial focused fitness fair on continental Europe with epic scale. FIBO attracts not only business interests from European countries but also sourcing parties from the middle east, African countries and Asia.

This year, our Client Success Manager, Karev Meng, was at Cologne. As preparation for our direct entry into European market, we are now assessing possibilities to attend FIBO 2019. With supports from our business partners in Europe and Asia, we will prepare a full collection for potential partners as showroom samples.

As we are getting a lot of traction on our Cardio collections, various business partners also expressed interest towards the future direction of our new product development. We will gather ideas, market sentiments, and combine with the advantages we possess on supply side to come up with more options.

Stay tuned with us by checking our website. More collections coming soon.

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